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Best four sessions at Brighton SEO

Brighton SEO conference, the Concert Hall

This one has been my first BrightonSEO conference. I have been impressed with the quality of the content they've offered. There have been real takeaways from the majority of the tracks and proper actual tactical advice. I'd say this conference has nothing to envy and in some ways outstrips some of the larger London conferences, [...]

Ungagged, the conference not to be missed

Ungagged, the unconference

In May this year I attended Ungagged. I got totally blown out with the experience! So I am writing this blog post to tell you that, if you are tired of the usual half-told stories at conventional marketing conferences, UnGagged, the SEO UnConvention may be for you. UnGagged is a reinvented conference that used to be run [...]

Googlebot now crawls the web from Korea and Russia too

Googlebot now crawls the web from Korea and Russia too thumbnail

Last month, at the International Search Summit conference in London, a Googler Gary Illyes, who was presenting the controversial topic of website geotargetting and Hreflang, revealed an interesting piece of information: Googlebot is now crawling the web out of three different geographical locations: Mountain view:  Most SEOs know  that this is the ‘defacto’ starting point [...]

Online marketing resources for inhouse marketers

Online marketing resources for inhouse marketers thumbnail

  In the course of the last year or so, I have been discussing the topic of digital marketing resources and learning platforms at different levels with several friends and peers. It seems that pretty much most marketers tend to use similar online resources. I am listing in this post the ones I use the most [...]

Improve conversion rate with the cre methodology

It is at least three years that I have been following the work done by Conversion Rate Experts, a UK agency that specialises in helping organisations increase sales or any other form or visitor conversion via specific converion rate technicques. Less than two years ago, they helped the guys at SEOMoz achieve a 170% increase [...]

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