An SEO Audit would be the first step to take on your website if you are thinking of improving your search engine organic visibility.

Today, search engines like Google require websites to meet their strict terms and recommendations and for this reason performing an audit on your website should be a routinary process.

Why would you want to do an SEO audit of your Website?

A technical SEO audit should highlight issues or problems, as well as advantages and opportunities. You may feel that you don’t need one as your site could be doing very well, but an audit could help you unveil a big problem that you didn’t know about. The goal is to help you avoid wasting time and money, and focus on the optimization tasks that can bring the greates return for your online business.

When SEOs refer to SEO audits they tend to assume a ‘technical SEO audit’, however this doesn’ necessarily have to stop there. An audit can be related to Content and PR, backlink-focuses or simply focused on one area of the site which needs attention, eg: pagination.

…but what exactly will you be looking at?

From a basic to the most comprehensive SEO audit, the research should start with a crawl of your website, using desktop-based crawlers or if your website goes beyond the 100K pages, a web-based crawler would do the job better and faster.

The crawl would be analyzed to find preliminary information about server errors, duplicate content, inappropriate tag content, canonical issues or any other special tagging such as hreflang for international sites. This process may start with a simple series of 404 or 302 occurrences and, following a forensic process, it would lead us to a mammoth issue that could be impacting things like fast indexation.

Throughout the audit, some manual analysis would also be carried out on key parts of the website: homepage content, overall meta-tags optimisation, indexation levels.

And lastly if access to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics account for the website to be audited, is given by the client, it can be very useful to validate the various findings throughout the audit process.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

Throughout the audit, some manual analysis would also be carried out on key parts of the website: homepage content, overall meta-tags optimisation, indexation levels.

If you do not know where to start, you may want to get a professional to carry a general SEO audit, for the most, technical, and which can range between basic to comprehensive depending on budget. See the packages I offer below:

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My website has more than 5 milion pages, can you still run an SEO audit for me?

Yes, but I will need to assess it individually and give you a customised quote, which may end up being the same cost as the Full-blown audit, or often slightly larger to cater for enterprise-level issues that often require more detiail aditing and set of recommendations for the client.

Why would you choose me to run an SEO audit for you?

I understand that when it comes to outsourcing marketing services there is a need for reassurance. I have been in the industry since the very beginning of the Internet initially as a web designer and developer, and later in 2003 into SEO. You may want to check out my Linkedin profile which adds more details about my professional life.

I have worked for large multinationals leading on International and Enterprise SEO., and have recently decided to leave the large enterprise to become a Consultant.

The advantages of working with me are three

  • I have proven extensive experience in Enterprise SEO
  • I can offer you more competitive prices than those given by large agencies as I don’t have huge overheads.
  • I can offer you a very personalized service where you could think of me as your internal consultant.

Feel free to contact me for an intial chat on the phone.

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