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If your website is facing any of these issues: indexation deprivation, information architecture deficiencies, crawl budget waste, duplicate content or speed problems, international geotargetting or href lang issues…?

I can audit your infrastructure and online presence to deliver the ultimate actionable report that you need to start implementing changes that will truly make a difference to increase sales and revenue.

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Expert SEO consulting

Hire me to audit your entire web infrastructure or to write a tailored SEO strategy for you business idea. You will get a detailed SEO report packed with actionable recommendations. Ultimately, hire me again to oversee your project's technical implementation throughout its life-cycle.

Website speed

Website Speed is key to customer satisfaction and user experience, and a must to International SEO success. I can work with your technical team to provide assistance and direction in implementing websites changes to deliver maximal web speed potential.

Link Building

Effective whitehat multilingual link building services delivered through a combined range of techniques such as content ideation, linkable content development, content strategy, blogger outreach, PR, and other traditional link building methods.

Mobile SEO

Is your website performing well on mobile devices? Google has completed roll-out of the Mobile-first index. I can audit your mobile SEO strategy and give you valuable insights to help you leverage mobile to its full potential.

What is International SEO?

International SEO is the specialism that focuses on implementing SEO strategy best practice for a website that wants to go beyond one single market or language.

In other words, International SEO refers to the discipline that looks at the best strategy to follow for an online business that plans to penetrate into international markets.

This can go from analysing the demographic, cultural, social and economic factors for the target markets, language complexity and keyword research, content strategy, PR and brand parameters, localisation needs and the most known factor about International SEO: domain geotargetting, CMS technology and overall website infrastructure.

There are of course other less technical, but equally important factors to take into account for the success of the project: overall budget and staff resources competitors’ strength in the target markets.

What is multilingual SEO then?

Multilingual SEO is the discipline that aims to apply SEO best practice to a web presence looking to expand into other markets via languages.

As marketers we tend to refer to International SEO and Multilingual SEO interchangeably and the truth is they mean pretty much the same thing.

If any, perhaps International SEO is more comprehensive as it entails tackling countries and regions, as opposed to just languages. So it has a geographic dimension to it.

Multilingual SEO infographic

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  • Ellen Huang, General Manager/Technology Director, Careerbuilder Information Technology China
    I worked with David on and off for about 3 years on SEO related projects for our APAC market. Our system was complex with different layers of ownership across multiple regions. David was able to quickly identify the issues through solid tracking data and came up a practical step by step solution, drive alignment and implementation of the new SEO strategy in a scalable fashion. I've learnt a lot and definitely would recommend him to anyone I know.
    Ellen Huang
    Technology Director, CareerBuilder China
  • David played a key role delivering the Digital Programme at the British Council. He has outstanding insight into all aspects of SEO and SEM. His knowledge of both fields is exemplary. David is always keen to share with and develop others and is passionate about SEO. His expertise enabled the British Council to boost its traffic around the world and optimise our SEM.
    Myra Hunt
    CDO, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural
  • David has a huge passion and excellent analytical skills when it comes to assessing performance, optimising on-line presence and establishing ROI-driven goals. His work is helping us improve our web presence significantly albeit on an outdated platform. He’s not only a solid practitioner but also has real talent and interest in bringing others with him.
    Jules Morgan
    Director & Analytics Unit Lead, Monitor Deloitte
  • I worked with David closely and continuously on regional initiatives and would turn to him when I needed expertise for internal marketing training or external campaigns. His Search Engine Marketing Toolkit that he designed and developed became our encyclopedia on the topic. He not only excels at making difficult topics understandable, he also brings his audience with him: I have seen him convert a room of confused skeptics into true believers who understand fully why SEO is absolutely essential for them.
    David Sorrentino
    British Council
  • Trabajé con David en el proyecto de posicionamiento de General France, marca española de Aires acondicionados en Francia: Los resultados fueron el incremento de visitas al website en un 500% en 1 año de trabajo con un cronograma de trabajo que aseguraba estos resultados. Todo ello gracias a la especialidad y Experiencia da David ya en ese entonces. Actualmente el nivel de David es experiencia de casi 10 años más en esta especialidad
    Edo Esaine Q.
    Digital Marketing & SEO Expert

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