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BackLink Building Services

Are you fed up of getting crappy, low quality links from link sellers? Are you perhaps looking for a reliable white-hat backlink service that helps you up your game?

With my link building service, I can scale up your existing link building or link acquisition efforts and boost your SEO. 

My link building proposition is 100% manual craftsmanship, 100% white-hat and tailor specifically to every individual website. 

There are two ways of acquiring new fresh backlinks today: either your earn them or you build them. 

If your business model embraces a culture of creating great content, then it is easy to earn links. You only need an Outreach service, which I can provide. Digital PR may be the solution for you.

If however your content strategy has limitations you may want to consider the more traditional type of link building carried out through a number of different methods. 

Link earning or Link building?

Outreach & PR

Content marketing


Links audits by David Carralon

link building hacks

Performance SEO audits by David Carralon

What is link building?

Link building is technique used to research and source backlink opportunities. Links are a major ranking factor for SEO as search engine algorithms weigh them heavily as part of their algorithm.

Are all links created equal?

It goes beyond Onpage SEO and typically focuses on offsite activities, although one of the most effective types of link building is through Content Marketing, which actually consists in producing outstanding content of different types on the website itself. This type of link building is called: Content Marketing and it's achieved via ideation, product modelling and publishing very creative content that every publisher will want to link to.

When will I see results? 

If a website within the niche site of the website yours is on, and boasts great authority and exemplary levels of traffic, then that's the one website you will want to get links from. Once you get a backlink from such a website part of the authority, page rank and other link signals are acquired. Eventually the search algorithm realises that you are getting noticed, webmasters link to you and those votes of confidence are factored in and eventually helps towards your search engine visibility efforts. 

So, to clarify, it is not about getting lots of links from anywhere (that's SEO from over two decades ago. Over time, those tactics stopped working and today they could only get you into a manual penalty for 'unnatural links' or for 'overoptimisation'. Proper link building today takes efforts, skills and experience.

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Link building Strategies

  • Outreach and PR
  • Content marketing
  • Link Bait
  • Link building hacks


Google completely rejects the link schemes, that is, manipulate the links with the intention of modifying the PageRank of a page and make it go up in the classifications. This includes the use of programs to obtain links automatically, the purchase-sale or exchange of links and the abuse of sponsored posts or articles marketed for these purposes.

Endorsements & Qualifications

Before you give someone the task to do link building for your website it is of course wise to check whether there is sign of skill, experience and/or social proof. If you would like to get in touch with. 

I have been doing enterprise SEO for 15 years, out of which my last fours years have been spent partly on international link building projects. I have crafted the art of content creation for link acquisition, but also old-standing techniques such as the 'broken link ', 'link requisition through brand mentions', and the likes.

I have been a user of Link Research tools for five years, and have been certified two years ago. Link building tool qualifications do not make a great professional but can go a long way to ensure the link builders understands what constitutes a good link. Link research tools makes their certified users go through an intense two-day workshop about link building and the mechanism of their toolbox. 

Google Analytics Certified Professional badge
Link Research Tools certified Professional badge, David Carralon

Link building/acquisition plans starting at €2000

Basic Plan

Small sites


  • Guaranteed min. 3-4 placements per month
  • Website Health
  • Basic Link Audit

Large sites


  • Guaranteed min. 7- 8 placements per month
  • Competitor Analysis
    Advanced link Audits
    Personalised advice on content production and overall SEO strategy
  • 1 hour call /month



What  makes a good link?  


Why is my current link building not working? I'm losing traffic


Why should we choose you to do our link building? 

A good link building strategy depends on many more factors than simply reaching certain number of inbound links. One needs to take into account the specificities of the niche, the market landscape, the scope, the opportunities that exists, the client's website and whether it lends itself to content expansion, the brand parameters, how much competition exists and the strength of competitors's link profiles, the potential risk to penalisations. 

That's how I work. 

If you are going to compare my proposal with that of a vendor that sources his links from existing industry brokers or vendors with pre-filled spreadsheets of potential sources for links, then you won't be measuring apples with apples and therefore not make the right decision. My link building is manual and customised to each individual client. 

A correct link building strategy makes a difference compared to competitors, which means obvious increases in traffic and, ultimately, revenue. It is impossible to compete without making a good link building strategy. Which is not far from simple.


Are all websites for all clients considered and managed following the same blueprint? 

How would my SEO Audit will be delivered?

Does link building still work?

The short answer is yes. However it is easy to screw things up quickly in todays search engine era. As I mentione above, Google's algorithms are intelligent enough today to understand when a link is unnatural. You may be hitting agains the wrong door for months only to realise that your link building is not working.  

The way to go with link building today is to emulate a natural link building process in its entirety. Or better still, work on your content marketing and content strategy to ensure that drive in as naturally as possible. 

Internal link building is, in my many cases, where the golden eggs of opportunities are.  

link building services that work, by David Carralon

DIY link building 

Are you down because you have a business to run but not enough money for link building? fear not, my collection of articles in link building will give you ideas to get started with basic 'do it yourself' link building .

Feel free to go through them and share them with friends or staff that may need them. If you have an idea for a link building article that you would like me to write about, please feel free to suggest a topic using my contact form.

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Link Building Techniques that haven't gone away


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