A recent video by Matt Cutts gives his advice for in-house SEOs. Whether this can be taken to enterprise-level SEO advice or not, it depends much on the size of the organisation where you work.

The advice given is however applicable 100% to enterprise-level SEO. The three main areas that Matt proposes to work on are:

  • Speed performance of your website
  • Having good internal CMS practices
  • Embracing social media marketing

He states that speed performance is only a slight factor in the algorithm, but it can affect ROI on your site, as web user tend to favour sites that are fast. He actually suggest minifying CSS and javascrip files.

With regards to the good internal CMS practices, Matt advises to have an organisation strategy in place that includes educating people on SEO and why it is there, but also ensuring that there is a good interlinking strategy in place with the right use of anchor text.

Lastly, Matts advises to pay attention to social media marketing as a great way to drive traffic to your site. He does not mention the social signals used by google for website rankings, but focuses on the add-value aspects of building great content and spread it using social media.

They are definitely three good pieces of advice for in-house SEOs that can put you in the right pace to improve and make your search marketing strategies more effective, don’t you think?

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