It is at least three years that I have been following the work done by Conversion Rate Experts, a UK agency that specialises in helping organisations increase sales or any other form or visitor conversion via specific converion rate technicques. Less than two years ago, they helped the guys at SEOMoz achieve a 170% increase in conversions, which was news all over the SEO and conversion marketing world.

The guys at KISS metrics have come up with an infographic (below) that captures perfectly the essential steps to follow to improve conversions on your website, using the CRE (Conversion Rate Experts) method. One of the products from Kiss metrics that I do  not hesitate to recommend is KISS Insights. I have been using this little jewel for two years on personal sites to gather information about visitors to some of my personal sites and it does a wonderful job at helping me understand website visitors. It is mentioned on the step 3 below:


CRE method for conversion rate optimisation

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