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I am on the participants list for ‘LeWeb’ 2010!

LeWeb event in Paris is one of the biggest Internet events in Europe. It has been selling out every year for the last 6 years with 2500 participants in 2009. It is aimed at all enthusiasts who take a deep interest in the web, web technologies, and the various opportunities it bringing us all.

After having missed this unique event for six consecutive years, I am making it this year attendance and am really looking forward to it. I bought my ticket early back in February on 50% reduction as an ‘Early bird’.

Every year there is a program theme for LeWeb. To date the program theme and agenda for 2010 is not yet decided. Last year’s theme was the ‘Real-time web’ and they spoke about Twitter & Facebook and their exponential growth in the previous year, reactions from Google, Microsoft and MySpace. They also spoke about opportunities for new entrepreneurs in the light of the ‘real-time web’, the many different applications being made available for iphone, Twitter, and facebook as well as the challenges it presents.

One other topic that was discussed last year, which I think it will also be popular this year is the ’free culture’ of the web and the challenges this presents for companies that need to get a return on the investment they make in offering free Internet services.

One other remarkable highlight of last year’s LeWeb event was the participation of Queen Rania Al Abdullah, from Jordan who spoke about how she had been using Social media for educational purposes and helping raise the need for every child around the world to be educated on the real-time web for real time change at the Le Web Conference – Paris December 10th, …

Like in all big events, there are official bloggers that ensure there is enough coverage during all sessions for everyone to be up-to-date with all ‘goings-on’ at LeWeb. Some of these official bloggers can be popular and successful European Search news blogs, such as Search cowboys.

To add to the standard agenda packed with scheduled events, there are usually some workshops running in parallel, and a ‘start-up’ competition usually sponsor by some online news player, TechCrunch did the job in 2009.

If you want to know a bit more about what’s going to happen this year at LeWeb, hear the Loic LeMur present LeWeb 2010 as the venue will be moved back to LesDocks, where it used to be done back in 2007:

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