There are clear signs that the social media phenomenon is growing in popularity. Everyone talks about it lately, want to know a bit more about how to get involved, learn new techniques and see whether there is something really there for them and their business. The term ‘social media’ is therefore being used a lot more in marketing conversations.

social media growth both in US and non-US
Social media growth US vs non-US

While there seems to be an increased buzz on social media Europe, I still do not perceive a huge deal of actual campaign work in such area.

In the following Emarketer article you can read: “In the coming years there will be even more changes, as social media marketing extends from the marketing department to nearly every aspect of a company’s business.” … but from the metrics chart on the right, it is clear that the US still takes the lead in implementing social media juding from the expenditure levels (48% vs 52% worldwide).

The article seems to focus on the importance of social media for organisations and the increased predominant role the consumer will play as their voice will be heard more widely. The interesting pick for me on this article is the perceived length of time that a trend, phenomenon or idea takes to influence, evolve and integrate with other cultures. Social media has consistently been on the agenda for about four to five years now, yet it seems to be taking some time to mature in non-US countries.

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